African American Outreach Program

African American Outreach Program

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African American Outreach Program

Since 2008, the Foundation has been leading the African American community to get the facts and “Know the Difference”through our African American Outreach Program.

The African American Outreach Program at the Epilepsy Foundation continues to focus on:

  • educating family and caregivers on seizure recognition and treatment options
  • increasing the awareness of the prevalence of epilepsy in the African American community

The Epilepsy Foundation is currently working with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Hispanic Serving Institutes (HSI) to expand information and dispel myths about epilepsy to young people on campuses.

For more information about the what we at the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago are doing with the African American Community, contact Ayesha Akhtar at